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5000 Series Lightbar Endcap Gasket 4000 series Endcap Gasket 4500 Lightbar Endcap Mounting Base
4000 series Endcap Gasket
Your Price: $27.00
W 38-0261694-00 Endcap Gasket for the Whelen 4000 series AdvantEdge Lightbar. Whelen 4500 series lightbar endcap mounting base. Mounts on the end of the lightbar and allows the lens endcap to fasten to the lightbar.
4500 Lightbar Lens Divider Gasket 4500 Lightbar Light Mounting Base Whelen 4000 series Endcap, Red
Whelen 4500 series Lightbar Lend Divider Gasket/Lens Retainer Whelen 4500 series lightbar light mounting base with clips to hold light in place. Red Endcap for the Whelen 4000 series AdvantEdge Lightbar. Gasket sold separately (Part# W 38-0281186-00)
MX7000 Lightbar Lens, Top, Outboard, Red 4500 Lightbar Lens 4500 Edge Bar Lenscap, Red, Clear or Amber
4500 Lightbar Lens
Your Price: $85.00
Code 3 MX7000 Lightbar lens, Top, Outboard, Red. Will work on either passenger or driver side. Whelen 4500 series lightbar lenses. Available in Red, Clear, Blue & Amber. Standard length piece is 16.57" long. These lenses can be ordered cut to size and the cost is pro-rated to a per-inch price. Please call our parts department at 931-684-8964 for pricing on the cut-to-size pieces. W 68-3983813-50
5000 Series Lightbar Endcap, Red MX7000 Lightbar Lens, Top, Center, Clear MX7000 50w Standard Speed Free Form Rotator Assembly
W 68-1182060-50 Code3 MX7000 lightbar lens, Top, Center, Clear MX7000 50w Standard Speed Free Form Rotator Assembly
4500 Lightbar Rotator assembly 4000 series Advantage+Plus Rotator Assembly Rotator assembly for Whelen SuperAdvantedge 5000 Lightbar
Whelen 4500 series lightbar rotator assembly. Whelen part # 02-0342945-00 W REPROTA4 W REPROTA5
Strobe Tube w/ Reflector for 4000 Series Advantage+Plus Whelen Corner Linear Reflector Assy., Strobe Advantage+Plus 4000 Series Strobe Lighthead Assembly - 7ELTUBE
W DIRECTIO Whelen strobe light assembly for 9M/ Ultra Edge lightbars, corner linear strobe reflector. (Manuf. part # 02-0363171-00) W 02-0362232-01