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Sirens for Emergency Vehicles and Ambulances
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Whelen Replacement Microphone

Replacement microphone for Whelen sirens, with microphone plug.

Your Price: $147.00
Whelen Siren, 200 W, Self Contained

W 295SLSA1

Your Price: $294.45
Standard Siren w/ Phaser, Self Contained

Carson SA-400

Your Price: $329.04
Patriot Siren, Remote Head

Carson SA-430

Your Price: $462.60
Remote Siren w/ Flush Mount Head

W 295HFS2

Your Price: $464.95
MagForce Siren, Dual Tone, Remote Head Siren

Carson SA-441

Your Price: $571.95
Whelen Siren, Dual Tone, Remote, 200 Watt

W 295HFSA7

Your Price: $592.80
Whelen Dual Tone Siren

Whelen dual tone remote-head siren, 200W. Microphone is detachable.

Your Price: $592.80
Remote Head Siren


Your Price: $598.68
Dual Tone Siren (Magnum)

Signal Vehicle Products (Magnum), Remote Head Dual Mode Siren Amplifier, 200W

Your Price: $672.75
Federal Signal Electronic Siren e-Q2B

The e-Q2B combines Digital Signal Processing to accurately reproduce the distinctive trademark sound of the Q-Siren, with a current draw of only 20 amps. Requires (1) 200W speaker or (2) 100W speakers.

Your Price: $1,700.00
Feder Signal Q2B Siren

Traditional Electro-Mechanical  siren. Distinct trademark sound for long distance intersection-clearing. 123 decibels at 10ft. Chrome, Recess mount.  Also available with the pedestal mount (See options). Replacement parts are available, please call our parts department at 931-684-8964

Your Price: $2,374.00